The Art of Crippled Verse


"A kneecapped poet is twelve times better than a solidly functioning biped specimen," thus spake the labia majora of Mahatma Gandhi to me yesteryear.

Broken bodies can still travel in straight lines, whereas broken minds cannot perceive straight lines. Write for a broken mind with a broken body.

Coleridge's rocky narratives, Wordsworth's straight and narrow. Beryl Bainbridge's face from writing in a draught. "But my feet are cold!" spake the most abject fucker in Christory.

I am serious, most serious when I tell you my friend, that the crippled body is the new Zen, the Leonard Cohen self-mutilation of the new decade, for the post-decadents.

Fuck the Emperor's New Clothes! Fuck! JG Ballard walks tall amongst inebriates in Shepperton, whilst Larry Eigner puffs pillows in heaven, smilingly.

I care about people but do they care about me, when I hate them so like insects? Statistics collate a life, and I seek a characteristic stria of contractile tissue for these post-holiday blues.


please all is found

it is all found do not deny it you are not a creator ab ovo genius or talent are the same an ability to collect and construct better than others no more but this is not a sin unless you wish this is the way there is no such thing as a donné leave this idea to white haired gentleman on retainers the world is of your senses a fruit to feast on and REARRANGE THROUGH as art if you wish the rest is fraud invention in english comes from the latin root inventus meaning what has been found found go and find you do not have to move in space there is always the convenience of time and obscurity and instruments it is a pleasure to move through sensing and needing to sense your curiosity is your protector and your only guide please this is not a call for a total acceptance of what is found as valuable but as what is available when it is found then it can be seen there is nothing that is not available through this means and no method of recording and displaying as art or documentary that is false or not allowed to add to the trove of what can then be found and seen by others there is always an original point and another and more whether you are aware or not even your illusions are found i cannot say any more if you cannot see already


The Death of We

You are not my comrade, nor my friend, we do not travel together in a school or coterie, a class or an age. Our similarities are accidents, they are non-existent parts. My writing is a fiat, my desires are a fiat- you do not exist except as ground to my actions. If you are to be used, you will be used, otherwise you are, in your terms, to be abused.

I will accept a 'common' language in so far as it moulds to my will, otherwise I will stretch, bend and reject it. I will decree the 'new' and the 'now', you have no declarative power. I will designate what is 'progression', what is 'regression', the forces of your existence will be judged by me, if I allow your existence.

It is not cruelty thus, it is reality. I will not accept any other authority. Sentimentality is a weakness fit merely for the childish and the doting. Let the strong create , the weak react and suffer their illusions.

I shall now happily deny anything but myself. The second and third persons are creations of my will, if I will sanction them. I do not accept the illusion of my own subjectivity. Only the weak do so, and I am satisfied that they remain such willing slaves, ha! Let them, you, crave their comfort, intimacy, 'communion' with each other, with the created supereminent 'other' they slacken their meagre stance to bow to! Pah to their beliefs in humanity, progress, mercy, knowledge, learning! These are sops to keep them asleep. You.

What will follow directly from my pen will be my one concession to your fragility. It will be my preparation for your subjection, the framework for your one chance at comprehension before you are forced unwillingly and ignorantly to swallow what will be.

Read on or suffer the more....


Purity of Science in Writing

Doesn't it make you feel good that there are millions of scientists in the world that are seeking the vital knowledge to help the human race survive and progress? That there are whole hordes of benificent individuals studying the eyeball in order to sooth your glaucoma, that are refining kettle elements for the quickest cups of tea with the minimum fuss? I know you do, and thus I would like to quietly encourage all the writers reading this, that you should become one with this positive life-force in the realm of your own PURE SCIENTIFIC WRITING.

This may seem almost a contradiction to you- surely science and art are mutually exclusive? But if you thought this you would be a wrong and sorry specimen! For thousands of years, the two were not thought of as distinct. For example Aristotle wrote both a Physics AND a Poetics, and crazy old Goethe also wrote scientific treatises on colour, along with his better known poetical and dramatic bonkery.

There are some simple steps that you can seek to achieve immediately-

1. Think of your writing as a scientific tool- a scalpel or a laser perhaps- probing layers, splitting things, seeing through.

2. Remember that anything that is useful scientifically must be able to be repeated using the same parameters and then must achieve the same results.

3. You should structure even a sonnet in the following form- hypothesis, method, results, conclusion.

4. You must find a community that will understand, appreciate and contextualise your efforts positively- psychiatry for example.

5. Include in every story or poem a man-made object, and investigate its uses and abuses. It is obvious to all that man must refine his technology if he is to survive even this century!

Following these five rules to begin with, you will start to achieve a vision and reception in your writing to die for! You will become more fulfilled as you realise your utility, and you will also be satisying your creative urges! Please find more explication, and please buy the book that these five rules are excerpted from at www.scienceforlife.com.

Thank you for listening, and remember that one day there may be only one human left in the world, facing utter extinction. Surely you want to give this guy or gal the best chance? If you must create, create wisely.


call for unfunctional averse

in accordance with the last three meetings of the overboard society a declamation is issued for a NEW world word culture UNFUNCTIONAL AVERSE

there are several rules which could multiply at any moment and always undemocratically

7 it is OKAY TO BE PARTIAL but not lazy and MANDATORY to provide the necessary darkness

13 anything that can be understood when read once except this manifesto is MORIBUND and DISABLED

17 a word is not a vessel and a paragraph or stanza or block is more than a cryptic dancefloor SENTENCES ARE BANNED

29 neither the thing itself nor ideas about the thing just NO THINGS

117 the only repetition not allowed is no repetition

293 numerology is either conscious or unconscious you choose

so on and so on